The training appointment with the tightrope walker Andrea Loreni is back, to learn how to manage imbalance and welcome balance, to become familiar with the height and the tight wire.

Many exercises to develop awareness in the body and kindness in the gesture.

The dates for training on the wire, for those who want to find balance and physical shape, but also well-being and concentration, trying to give a new meaning to the acrobatic performance are 10 and 11 June 2023. Two days on the wire to discover balance as a tool of growth.

The lab
Two days of workshop, conducted by Andrea Loreni and Claudia Conti to practice the posture of the tightrope walker on the wire and experience it in its meanings beyond the wire. It is an intensive practice of tightrope walking, with an in-depth study of the use of the balancing pole, and with the possibility of walking on a 70-metre long cable and a 2-metre high one with a longe from above. In addition to physical training and performance, the aim of the laboratory is also to re-signify and re-elaborate the experience to make the posture of the tightrope walker a way for personal growth.
On the occasion of this workshop, Andrea Loreni is supported by Claudia Conti, regional trainer of FGI (Italian acrobatic federation) and specialist in Bothmer Gymnastics, a method developed by Count Friz von Bothmer at the request of Rudolf Steiner for the Waldorf schools. It is a movement training based on the harmony between the human figure, its elementary functions and the dimensions of space, which opens up the possibility of cooperation between physicality, spatiality and the spiritual sphere. The goal is to harmoniously explore the three frontal, sagittal and horizontal dimensions and their metamorphoses, investigating the possibility of acquiring balance and vital security in space and then transferring this sensitivity to the cable.

Who is it for?
The two days is aimed at those who are already familiar with cable and want to explore some personal aspects as well as those who want to approach this discipline to bring back the skills acquired in other fields such as sport, work, performing arts.

Practical info
The location that hosts the workshops is the splendid Cascina Cortese in Druento, surrounded by greenery, and which had already hosted the tightrope walker workshops.
It is possible to arrive at the facility as early as Friday 7 October from 5 pm. An engaging concert and moment of sharing will welcome guests in the evening.

laboratory: 250€ including laboratory, two lunches, use of the accommodation facility and technical material, concert on Friday evening;overnight stay in B&B with breakfast: 30€ per night (max 11 places). Tent/camper place: €15 per night. For reservations, contact Cascina Cortese directly;meals: Saturday and Sunday lunch included in the registration, Friday shared vegetarian dinner (everyone brings something); for Saturday dinner organized by The revolution comes Mangiando : responsible cuisine with low environmental cost and high energy impact, cost: 15 eurobreakfast: hot drink and brioches for €2 (to be booked in advance)
EARLY BIRD PACKAGE: registration by 10 May: 225 euros instead of 250, including workshop, two lunches, use of the accommodation facility and technical material, concert on Friday evening.

Info and Registration:

Cascina Cortese B&B contact details for booking: – 328 123 7015