Crossing surfaces

Andrea Loreni perceives and intends the idea of crossing as well as the physical traversing as a movement on a marked line, made in a specific space and at a specific time. Each crossing is a choice, the choice to bring one’s own energy to vibrate together with the energy of a place, of a context, natural or urban. It is a moment of extreme suspension and at the same time of maximum rootedness in the“here and now”. The crossing is not only the point of arrival of a journey, the result of a great physical and mental effort, it is also a powerful means of awareness, in which it is possible to connect with irrational instincts and primal fears.

Walking on the cable through the void creates the opportunity to meet the deepest parts of himself and to be with what “happens” in the moment: the outbreak of fear and, consequently, the acceptance of fear, the quieting of thought and the concentration on the present moment, being in the body with the cable and on the cable, the risk of falling and the contact with the absolute.


A steel cable stretched over the abyss between two buildings, over the sea, across a lake, between two mountains, meant to leave a mark in the sky, an extraordinarily risky venture. The crossing is a path where no one would have ever thought there could be one.

Picture it. The tightrope walker, his barbell, the cable that creates a thin ground at dizzying heights, as a symbol of the common human journey.

The “classic” crossing of Andrea Loreni can have a horizontal development between two points of similar height, such as two buildings, or two mountain spires; or it can be inclined, with the cable rising from the ground to the sky. The crossing is an act of pure and extreme beauty, able to enhance the wonder of a landscape, an urban context, a moment, a value.


The Led Walk is a walk on a thread of light. The light illuminates the slow and deep steps of the walker, hovering on a wire, in space. Inclined or horizontal, with music or silent: the Led Walk is unique and suggestive, suitable for nocturnal atmospheres.