Learning from the funambolist

Andrea Loreni transforms everything that happens on the tightrope into an opportunity for dialogue, training, discussion, sharing.

Watch the video GRACEFULNESS

The physical and mental preparation necessary to face the walk over the void is very intense and becomes a field of exploration and study on existential, personal and universal topics.
Coping constantly with with fear and with the bodily tension that fear produces, the use of concentration and mental control plus the total trust in the “intelligence” of the body, have led Andrea to develop strategies to contain fear and to reach the maximum yield in physical and artistic performance.
The practice of Zen meditation and the search for a psycho-physical-mental balance have become over time instruments of a broader reflection on how to use the energy of the body and mind, in the different spheres of life and also within the professional field.
Sharing his unique experience as a performer, artist and human being involved in a search for truth, Andrea Loreni has refined educational skills, with the aim to offer the results of its experimentation, for the benefit of those who want to discuss about their own limits. 

What is for everyone the equivalent of the “wire”? 

What is that situation where we experience a condition of extreme uncertainty, which implies the terror of emptiness, of risk, of failure?

Andrea is a speaker and trainer in courses, workshops and seminars on meditation, personal growth, fear management, and expression of potential, both for individuals and for companies.

Do you need more information or make a training with Andrea Loreni?

Workshop of tightrope walking

An in-depth work on the management of disequilibrium and on the reception of balance, through the learning of specific techniques of walking on the stretched cable.
Performers or athletes, interested in acquiring awareness of the techinque will find in this laboratory lots of tools, in order to deepen their adaptation and reaction mechanisms, to optimize the gesture, to make it more fluid and effective.
The workshop offers an opportunity to rediscover the body and being vertical, to fully experience both the disequilibrium and the balance in their psychophysical aspects.
The first phase consists of descending in body perceptions, and then we will use the awareness acquired by listening to learn the basic positions of balance on the wire during the walk.A gentle and graceful body allows to be effective also in the imbalance and to be able to deepen the work on the specific difficulties.
We can therefore copy with a specific task on the stretched wire and getting familiar with its technicalities or simply take a step beyond our current limits.

Watch the video “Balance. Between funambolism and writing, in collaboration with Francesca Frediani, writer and journalist”

Watch thevideo “Balance. Between funambolism and writing”, in collaboration with Francesca Frediani, writer and journalist”

Training for companies

For large and medium-sized businesses, Andrea has created and implemented different trainings and activities.
Adapting his interests to the needs and objectives of the various projects and of the various clients, he has realized live performances in meetings, followed by moments of discussion and dialogue.
He also proposed active workshops that involved managers and developers in direct contact with balance and fear.
Each of his projects is conceived as a “tailor-made” product, made to stimulate emotions and results, in order to achieve the objectives set previously with the client.

DECATHLON Walk and motivational speech for the annual meeting of store managers, Monza, February 2018 Video

FINDOMESTIC Training meeting for top managers, Rome, November 2017

FINDOMESTIC Training meeting for top managers, Milan, April 2017

ANGELINI Team Building workshop in collaboration with Francesco Fabiano for Top Manager, Castel San Pietro Terme, January 2017

BENETTON Motivational speech for the staff, Milan, January 2016

ENI PETROLI Speech for top managers, Milan, October 2015

ASL TO5 Speech for the Training Day: Promoting wellbeing with art: spaces of irrationality in the health organization, Carmagnola, November 2017

Trainings at Universities

Andrea has conducted several seminars in the most important Italian universities

UNIVERSITY OF THE MILAN BICOCCA STUDIES Workshop  about “Zen, Funambolism and Balance Training” for theConference “Olos e Psiche”, Department of Human Sciences for Education “Riccardo Massa “, University of Milan-Bicocca and Anidra Popular University, Milan, 23 September 2017

UNIVERSITY OF THE MILAN BICOCCA STUDIES Trainer for the “Bbetween Performing Arts: Minilabs” courses dedicated to development of transversal skills. Circus Arts Form. Department of Human Sciences for the “Riccardo Massa” Training, 2016/2017

ENI CORPORATE UNIVERSITY Motivational speech, Enrico Mattei School – San Donato Milanese January 2018

UNIVERSITY OF ARCHITECTURE OF FLORENCE Speech on Suspension, in collaboration with Le Murate PAC Firenze, Pending Culture, Florence, 2016

Speeches and Workshops

Andrea was a speaker in various events.

Speaker for the Italian Cultural Institute of Osaka July 2017

TEDx Potenza, “The big change”, September 2017. Video

TEDx Sant’Anna School, “Stand in front of a cherry tree in bloom”, April 2007. Video

TEDx Bocconi, “To stand (on) the abyss”, May 2016. Video

TEDx Lecce, “Del courage”, October 2013. Video

Speech on Vertigo for the Festival “Le parole della Montagna”, Smerillo, July 2016

Workshop on balance for the Torino Spirituality Festival in September 2017

Workshop on silence for Salone del Libro, Torino May 2017

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