This year’s edition of TEDxBologna 2019 will celebrate uniqueness —that often hidden, not yet fully blossomed aspect of things— by enhancing and revealing the UNPRECEDENTED. Starting at 8:30 pm on Saturday 19 October, original, unique and disruptive projects will be presented in order to inspire people to overcome their limits. The goal is to make each one’s life and the society in which we live unique and memorable. The tightrope walker Andrea Loreni will be among the soiree’s speakers.

We are unprecedented beings, eager to reveal ourselves to the world. Our life is a fascinating quest for that one moment which may transform our fantasies and dreams into hope, first, and then into reality.

It is a thrilling journey that engages our identity and its construction in an exciting trip towards our own fulfillment; and we make it in the hope to feel part of history, which inexorably flows and slips away from us.”

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