A big crossing to celebrate the Lùmina International Day of Light

On the occasion of the Lùmina International Day of Light, on Sunday 19 May, tightrope walker Andrea Loreni will take a walk through the sky above Gravina in Puglia on a LED-lit steel wire, 140 meters in length and 14 mm in diameter, slanted to reach a height of 70 meters.

The crossing along the aqueduct bridge, over the ravine, will start at the medieval bastion and will end near the cave church of the Madonna della Stella. The appointment with the LED WALK is fixed for 11 pm, when the tightrope walker will start his stroll above the eyes of the many onlookers who will be there with their noses up in awe.

The scenery of the ravine took my breath away during the site inspection last April 14th”, declared Andrea Loreni, Italian record holder since 2011 for his 250 meter-long crossing at a height of 90 meters between the Penna and Billi hills in Romagna. “Over that wild abyss of rocks and dirt, I will stretch a slanted thread of light towards the sky. With the contribution of other light creations by Raffaella Lorusso, we will invite the people there to raise their eyes towards that other wild abyss that is the firmament: that other part of us, who put down roots in the hard earth to better climb towards the bright sky.”

Lùmina International Day of Light

The International Day of Light falls each year on May 16th. In the year of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death and 50th anniversary of mankind’s landing on the moon, Lùmina International Day of Light will host the LED Walk – a crossing on a line of light – in the rocky scenery of Gravina in Puglia, over the site’s aqueduct bridge. The show on Sunday 19 May will stage, with lights and narrative voices, the journey of mankind to conquer the sky.

This event is part of the international program International Day of Light proclaimed by UNESCO for May 16th – https://www.lightday.org/events.